Personal academic coaching

A student’s journey through K-12 often may have many bumps and steep hills to climb. We know what it takes to help each unique student grow academically and emotionally. We pair each student with the right tutors and create supplemental educational programming that will truly make a difference.

Our team members develop a personal relationship with students and families which can include collaboration with their teachers and school.

We’re not simply “tutors”… we offer academic coaching, providing enriching solutions with tangible results to a student’s broad-spectrum of learning needs.

  • New ways to study
  • Role-playing how to self-advocate
  • Defining individualized, organizational strategies for school and home
  • Benefits of healthy sleep, good nutrition, and mindfulness
  • Strategies to success
  • Emotional, social and cognitive needs

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Academic support for students, their families and school

Ashlee Grove & Associates puts students and their families at the forefront of all we do. Every member of our team cares about our mission and works together to see it carried out. We both value and appreciate the opportunity to take part in each student’s education.

About our team

Each of our team members strives to serve as an academic coach who’s an extension of the family and school with on-going collaboration and individualized strategies.

Academic Services

Educational coaching, specializing in subject-matter tutoring, study skills development, enrichment, reading therapy, counseling, SAT/ACT preparation, workshops and training.

Success Stories

We’re eager to share the success stories of our students – and we’re eager to be a part of your story. Let’s make a plan to maximize your school experience and personal growth.


Supporting your children’s education is an important task for any parent, we’ve provided resources that will help you support and engage your learning success at home.