PSAT/SAT Prep Coaching

Students who have taken the PSAT test and want to raise their score or practice for the SAT can focus on the areas of interest with individualized, prescriptive instruction. We use the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. These sessions are taught by highly trained professionals who score at or above the 95th percentile on the test. The sessions follows a plan and pace to help you achieve reasonable goals.

  • Week 1: Build a Foundation
  • Week 2: Practice, practice, practice
  • Week 3: Active Reading Strategies
  • Week 4: More strategies: math, writing and language, the essay, and general test taking
  • Week 5: Preparing for the Real Thing
  • Week 6: Carrying Good Habits Forward
  • EXTRA: In addition to the suggested guide, our tutors fill in any gaps in understanding along the way. This could extend the course by several sessions, since this is individualized


1.5 hours = $115
1 hour = $75
45 min = $65
30 min = $45

*Financial Assistance:
While we do not have state or government sponsored funds for assistance, we believe that all students should have access to help. If you have serious financial constraints or special circumstances, we want to know. We are a “people oriented” business and enjoy HELPING others. Our mission includes working together to make coaching accessible to those who need it. Please don’t be afraid to inquire about financial assistance. All our coaches are flexible.