Writing an Essay

This will follow the same curriculum as our workshop, but adapted for individualized instruction.

This is designed for students who want to enhance their writing skills, better organize paragraphs and essays, and improve editing skills. Students will examine the elements of a five-paragraph essay and practice writing both the parts and the whole. Students will use a template to make just about any writing assignment easier to tackle. Along the way students will examine sticky grammar problems that weaken writing, and learn to develop their voice to strengthen these problems. This is ideal for students entering grades 7-9.

  • Brainstorming and organization strategies
  • Formulating a thesis statement
  • Topic sentences and supporting details
  • Using quotes and citing authors
  • Transitions, flow and editing

Grammar: important elements


Hourly rate
1.5 hours = $115
1 hour = $75
45 min = $65
30 min = $45


Check back for up-coming dates.


Several Instructors available