Bridge to Calculus: Essential Algebra and Trigonometry

Whether you’re entering your freshman college calculus class or a rising high school junior enrolled in calculus (AP or not), this course will help you make certain you have honed the algebra and trigonometry skills that you need for calculus. This course will ensure that you hang on to the skills you learned in pre-Calculus. No matter what level of calculus you’re entering, this course will help prepare you.


  • Solving trig equations
  • Zeros of polynomials; quadratic formula
  • Parent graphs
  • Everything about LINES
  • Serious factoring
  • Rational exponents (fractions are our friends)
  • Composition of functions; the difference quotient; rates of change
  • Rational expressions


Class size: minimum of 4, maximum of 8.


Check back for up-coming dates.


Joy Johnson
Joy Johnson has taught and tutored math at the college and high school level for more than 20 years. She holds a BS in physics, MS in physics and math, and a BA in French.