Taking the Fear Out of Fractions

Understanding and using fractions is a missing piece in so many students’ successful experiences. In this workshop we will discuss all the meanings of fractions and practice using and recognizing the vocabulary. Then, you will learn about how the basic operations work and why. Finally, we will cover all the ways fractions are used to help us describe so many different mathematical objects and ideas. These fractions are a marvelous advancement for the human race; let’s all benefit from them and make friends. Upon completion of this workshop, you will no longer dread the fraction.


  • The different contexts of fractions, hands-on
  • Smart multiplying and dividing fractions
  • Just how do you find a common denominator (adding and subtracting)
  • Uses of fractions (calculus, trigonometry, rational expressions, etc.)
  • History of the concept
  • Fundamental theory of fractions
  • Conversions
  • Rational expressions and equations


Check back for up-coming dates.

Target Audience:

Rising 9th-graders and above
Adults/parents who want to rethink their relationships with fractions are welcome, too.




Joy Johnson
Ms. Johnson has taught and tutored math at the college and high school level for more than 20 years. She holds a BS in physics, MS in physics and math, and a BA in French.