Online Math Homework Clinic

The Online Math Homework Clinic is Sundays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm through Google Hangouts. In the comfort of your home, your student will receive math homework support from Math Coach, Joy Johnson.

A separate registration is required, and there is a monthly $60 fee for this service.

Register by clicking here and the first fee will be requested at the time of registration.

Online Homework Clinic Guidelines (v3.0)!
Ashlee Grove & Associates!

  1. Get your problem ready.
  2. Sign into Google Hangouts.
  3. Send a Google Hangouts message to about your problem in order to claim your place in the queue for online help.
  4. Please be patient. I will initiate a private video call as soon as I can get to you. Wait times are typically less than 5 minutes.

(If you do not have a Google account or access to a computer, you may text me with a question at 256-683-7571, and I will deal with text messages as time allows.)

Ways to Share Questions with Me

  • Snap pictures and download them in the Chat window in Hangouts
  • Snap a picture of the question and send it in a text message
  • Go to and put your question on a free online whiteboard and then share the web address with me in Hangouts or by text.
  • Share your screen with me in Hangouts (great for online homework sites or online worksheets)
  • Homework help is available via text messaging; however, text-message requests will be on an as-available basis. (Text to 256-683-7571)


  • For the best experience, the student must have access to a computer and a good Internet connectionVideo access is not required; audio is needed
  • For the best experience, the student needs a Gmail account and access to Google Hangouts
  • User “” is searchable in Google Hangouts and you can add it to your contacts at any time
  • Students will queue up for help based on the time of their Hangouts message
  • One question at a time: expect the tutor to work one question with the student and then move to the next student (Feel free to get back in the queue if you have another question)