College Advising Services

We offer advising for college preparation throughout a student’s high school career. In this capacity, we help students identify their desires for continued education and work with them to plan out what is needed to succeed in reaching their goals.

Throughout this process, our experts provide a close examination of college applications and essays while also reviewing student resumes and personal statements to ensure high-quality submissions.

College Advising Calendar:

Grade 9

  • Check proposed academic classes (four-year course plan alignment)
  • Review extracurricular activities
  • Guidance provided on a high school transcript and what GPA means

Grade 10:

  • Check grade 9 results
  • Review extracurricular activities; begin concentrating on a few and look for leadership positions
  • Begin preparing for national standardized tests: preACT and PSAT.
  • Review results and plan long-term study
  • Begin developing a possible college list: public/private, small/medium/large, academic programs of interest

Grade 11:

  • Before school starts visit college campuses
  • Check grade 10 results and review two-year academic plan
  • Continue involvement in extracurricular activities (school and community) and take on leadership roles
  • Take national tests, beginning in the fall: PSAT in October, ACT/SAT early winter and again in the spring. Review results and plan testing schedule
  • Understand how colleges make admission decisions. Research, research, and more research on schools
  • In spring, prepare a list of colleges of interest
  • In summer, being working on college application essays
  • Identify grade 10/11 teachers for recommendations
  • Sign-up for Common Application website

Grade 12:

  • Late summer or beginning of school, review college list
  • Meet with counselor to review college applications
  • Meet with counselor to review college essays and personal statements
  • Save time to have fun and enjoy your school friends

*This plan is a sample which is the basis of our initial discussion with each individual. It is adapted to each students’ unique needs and situation to be the best fit for them.

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