Homeschool support
Our Homeschool Support Brings Clarity

Our team has years of experience supporting and working within the homeschool environment locally as well as through online courses of study.

As a parent and instructor of your students, it’s important to know of a place where you can gain encouragement, advice, guidance, and support. 

Our learning environments allow students to separate from the distractions of life while also providing a safe place to ask for assistance and guidance.

Our goal is for every student to share our passion for learning and strive for excellence. We encourage our students beyond their known limits and provide them the tools and information they need to move forward and succeed.

Our Homeschool Consultant works alongside the family to support class placement and understanding of expectations as the student gets enrolled in courses.

Recognizing there may be new and different encounters throughout the school year, we provide on-going homeschool consultation services to meet and support the family throughout the school year.

In the homeschool environment, students may take classes with various organizations and need help to ensure a thorough understanding of a subject matter, requiring an individualized weekly schedule. Our Homeschool Consultant will work with families and students to develop subject instruction  who desire or need one-on-one class options.  In addition, our team will ensure the best coach and schedule.