Nancy Ordway graduated from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill with a History degree and no intention of teaching. However, after a meaningful volunteer experience with an adult literacy program in Tuscaloosa, she became enamored with the individualized approach to teaching inherent in adult education, and taught for the Tuscaloosa County Schools’ adult learning program. In time, she earned a master’s degree in Special Education in the area of Specific Learning Disabilities from Alabama A & M University. Nancy received extensive training from LIndamood-Bell Learning Processes in reading and writing intervention. She served as the Resource teacher at Holy Spirit Regional School for several years before undertaking to tutor students privately.

Nancy works with students of all ages in the areas of reading, writing and language arts, from early literacy to college prep. She has a keen interest in the area of testing and evaluation, and administers academic testing to provide tutors, parents and students with data used to make individual learning plans and to measure progress.