Sue Verlaan graduated from the University of North Carolina, with a BA in economics and international relations. After a brief sojourn in the business world, where she learned of her love of teaching when placed in charge of a training program, she returned to school to pursue a teaching degree. She received her MA in English, with a concentration in 19th century American literature, from Georgia State University, and followed that degree with a MAT from Agnes Scott College.

Sue has enjoyed 25 years as an educator, first in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and later in Corpus Christi, Texas, where she achieved certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. She has taught English as a Second Language to immigrants, high school English to at-risk students in high-poverty areas, and accelerated and AP English to gifted students who had not yet learned to trust in their gifts. In Corpus Christi, Sue was one of the founding members of Collegiate Early College High School and recognized in 2009 as Teacher of the Year. Currently, she teaches in the College of Education at UAH, where she guides future English teachers in learning their craft.

Sue brings her experience with standardized testing, language learning, and writing-to-learn to her work. She believes that students’ capacity for performance always exceeds their current achievement. She most loves helping students learn to think that their work with language, whether in reading, writing, or testing, is worth the new-found sense of confidence and excitement they grow in themselves. Learning is inherently a self-creative act, and Sue feels honored to be part of any student’s newly-developed understanding of what they can and will be able to do.