ACT Basic Math Tune-Up




Tune-up topics are designed to remind students of the basic techniques they have seen and used before. We provide homework and suggested problems.

The Best ACT Math Books Ever, vol 1 and 2, are recommended and available for purchase.


  • Basic solving
  • Lines
  • Distance, midpoint
  • Exponent rules
  • Averages
  • Powers of i /complex operations
  • Perimeter, area
  • Simplifying radicals
  • Proportions/percentages
  • Interior/exterior/base angles
  • Radius of circle
  • Pythagorean theorem and basic trig
  • Rational equations/expressions
  • Multiplication principle
  • And more


$90 for ACT Basic Math, or $170 for both Basic and Super Math

Class size:  minimum of 4, maximum of 8.


Date and Time:

July 11, 18, and Aug 1

10:00am – 12:30pm

Additional information

ACT Math Combo

ACT Basic Math Skills, ACT Math Combo

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