ACT Intensive: English, Math, Reading, and/or Science Section Focus




$125 per hour (choose one or more subjects)

*Subject to Coach (tutor) schedule availability

Cost may include an ACT Book ( $25) and/or an ACT Workbook ($50 for a complete workbook or $20 per section) 


We offer the intensive ACT Prep for each of the 4 sections of the ACT. This prep is designed for students who may have mastered a few sections, but need help specifically in one or two areas only. 


  • One-on-one, individualized coaching 
  • Workbook of essential materials
  • ACT Prep books may be recommended for an additional cost

ACT Prep for English

This workshop will focus on test-taking strategies, reviewing grammar skills, and developing approaches for rhetorical questions that will improve your readiness for the English portion of the ACT.

ACT Prep for Math

This workshop will focus on test-taking approaches and provide a review of math concepts from geometry, algebra, trig, and probability that are needed for a student to succeed on the Math portion of the ACT.

ACT Prep for Reading 

This workshop will teach strategies for managing time and will review topics such as determining main ideas of passages, understanding the sequence of events, analyzing the author’s tone, and determining the meaning of words from context.

ACT Prep for Science

In addition to reviewing some basic science background knowledge, this workshop will teach strategic approaches for the science section that focus on reading and interpreting the scientific data presented, recognizing and understanding trends, and forming conclusions and predictions.

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ACT Intensive

English, Math, Reading, Science