ACT Math: Essential Skills


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This intensive ACT prep course will focus on learning and recovering the math skills needed for the ACT (and SAT) test. In this course, you will delve more deeply into the basic algebra/geometry/statistics skills that help you understand the language and concepts of a problem. This way you improve your chances of quickly identifying what the problem requires and the correct strategy to bring to bear.  This course will not focus on tricks or guessing; the course will include real ACT problems, and a few test-taking tips will be pointed out, but those will not be the focus. Building comprehension and enriching math skills are the focus.



  • Everything about circles
  • How to use the average formula to your advantage
  • Systems of equations
  • Basic probability
  • What to know about arithmetic and geometric sequences to save time
  • Right triangle trigonometry
  • Proportions and variation problem workflows
  • Vocabulary
  • Lines
  • Complex numbers
  • Exponentials and Logarithms
  • Matrices
  • And more


Recommended texts: “The Best ACT Math Books Ever, Vol.1 and 2”

(These texts can be ordered when you sign up and will be available for pick up on the first day of class)




Class size:  minimum of 4, maximum of 8.

Virtual options available if an in-person workshop is not able to convene.



Session A: 

June 29-July 2

1:00-3:00 (8 hours of instruction)


Session B: 

July 20-July 23

1:00-3:00 (8 hours of instruction)

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