Helping Students Remember



Hands-on memory training program for children and adolescents. This Individualized coaching follows the curriculum, “Helping Students Remember,” by Milton J. Dehn and is designed to assist students who want to be more effective in the utilization of their memory capabilities. Grade 3-12.



  • How memory works
  • Memorization methods
  • Goals for improving memory
  • Study skills that help memory
  • Improving recall during tests
  • Using context clues
  • Plans for using memory strategies
  • Creating and using review sheets
  • Picturing verbal information



  • “Helping Students Remember-Exercises and Strategies to Strengthen Memory” By Milton J. Dehn. 

(This text is required and will be ordered for you and available the first day)


Fees: Purchase of textbook required

Registration fee is $47. We will call to schedule additional sessions as needed.

  • 1.5 hours = $120
  • 1 hour = $80
  • 45 min = $70
  • 30 min = $47



Sessions scheduled per availability from May 25 through August 5