Persuasive Writing Workshop


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This workshop introduces you to the basics of persuasive writing. Critical to success in high school, college, and beyond, we will cover how to narrow down interest in any topic to a convincing, defendable argument. We will consider how to effectively target different audiences, conduct academic research, organize and defend original arguments, correct citation practices, and how to revise an essay. The nature of this workshop is hands-on, and students will complete several short assignments in order to refine these critical skills. This class is ideal for rising juniors, seniors, and graduates heading off to college in the fall.



  • argument identification and analysis
  • basics of rhetoric (e.g. how to use logos, ethos, pathos)
  • academic research
  • argument creation and defense
  • essay organization
  • proper MLA citation
  • essay revision and editing


Texts –  Lunsford, Andrea et al. Everything’s an Argument with 2016 MLA Update. 7th ed. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016. (It is not required to obtain a copy of this book, but it is highly recommended as it will be referred to constantly.)




Class size:  minimum of 4, maximum of 8.

Virtual options are available if an in-person workshop is not able to convene.