Social Skills Group


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Social skills group therapy is designed to offer help to children with making and keeping friends; learning how to read social cues and to respond appropriately to them, starting a conversation, ending a conversation, understanding when someone is your friend or not your friend, and so much more.


  1. Understanding other people’s body language such as facial expressions 
  2. Understanding emotions and expressing emotions 
  3. Initiating interactions such as play, conversation, etc. 
  4. Responding to interactions from others 
  5. Engaging in activities with others 
  6. Taking turns 
  7. Understanding feelings and expressing emotions 
  8. Anger management and Problem-solving
  9. Coping with teasing and bullying
  10. Accepting consequences


Through participation in social group activities, students will learn various social and emotional strategies to facilitate age-appropriate social behaviors for their classroom, home, and community environments. Students will learn real-life problem solving and coping skills in a safe judgment-free environment through community and classroom role play.




Class size:  minimum of 4, maximum of 6.


Check back in March 2021 for new dates and sessions. Virtual learning provided.