Westminster Christian Academy Academic Coaching


A $40 fee at the time of registration will go toward the first session. A session is 30 minutes long. 

  • It is recommended that students have a minimum of three sessions to start.
  • The first session is to assess needs, meet each other, and determine best practices for working together.
  • The second and third sessions will focus on the specific needs and curriculum requirements.
  • All WCA families will receive a 15% discount. Private Coaching sessions are 30 minutes $40.00; 45 minutes $59.50; 1 hour $68.00.

Further scheduling or need will be assessed and worked out between the coach, Mr. Ellson, and the family.

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Read more about the Westminster and Ashlee Grove partnership here.



Coaches will support students sixth through twelve grade in the following subjects:

  • ELA
  • reading comprehension
  • dyslexia intervention
  • science
  • math
  • executive functioning