In partnership with Capstone Educational Consultants, we offer advising for college preparation throughout a student’s high school career. In this capacity, we help students identify their desires for continued education and work with them to plan out what is needed to succeed in reaching their goals.

Our experts assist throughout the entire college journey. From building good-fit college lists to developing the personal statement essay from scratch, our professional college consultants provide a fresh outlook and close examination of college application process.  

Preparing for the college admissions process is not like it used to be a decade or more ago, and today it is filled with anxious parents and an added demand on students. 

That’s exactly where we step in!  

We take you by the hand throughout the entire process, building confidence while our experts assist with timelines, deadlines, college essay development and so much more.

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Deciding on where to apply to college should never be made from a randomly selected list of colleges.  Our experts take the time to get to know each student and craft a college list that makes sense and fits them best.

The college essay is arguably the most stressful task for high school students to start and finish in preparing for the college application season.  Our experts assist students by brainstorming interesting and relative topics for their essays.  We also identify ways to improve student’s writing skills to produce clarity and organization in their essays. 

Our experts assist students throughout the journey by creating a customized timeline relative to their college-list and managing important deadlines and requirements prompted by the application process.